Welcome to dmlab

Department of Chemistry, IISER Bhopal

Welcome to dmlab, dedicated to the fascinating fields of Chemical Biology and Bioinorganic Chemistry! We are a team of very young passionate scientists and researchers committed to unravelling the intricate connections between chemistry and biology, exploring the fundamental principles governing life processes at a molecular level.

Chemical Biology lies at the intersection of chemistry and biology, seeking to understand and manipulate biological systems using the tools and principles of fundamental chemistry. Our research focuses on deciphering the molecular mechanisms behind important biological phenomena, such as enzyme catalysis, protein degradation, and signal transduction pathways. By combining small molecule, light and molecular imaging techniques, we aim to develop novel therapeutics and ultimately contribute to advancements in medicine and biotechnology. 

Bioinorganic Chemistry, on the other hand, investigates the role of inorganic elements in biological systems. From metalloenzymes and metalloproteins to metal-based drugs, we explore the intricate coordination chemistry and unique reactivity of various metals and metal complexes within biological contexts. Our research encompasses the synthesis of metal-based compounds, elucidation of their structure and function, and understanding their interactions with biological targets. Through this interdisciplinary approach, we strive to uncover the essential roles of various metals and metal complexes in living organisms and harness their potential for applications in diverse fields. Please visit the "Research" page for more details. 


Research areas

Enzyme Mimic

Metal Homeostasis

Bioinspired Catalysis